■Your first experience of newly built Japanese modern house.

Do you know the type of the most popular housing in the Japanese housing market? That is a newly built house!! However, the most of Japanese guest house is renovated properties of old house. In this time, do you want to stay Japanese modern guest house using newly built house?
Gusthouse Ochakare is a newly built house with the most smart Japanese architect technology. We promise the best comfortability and fine experience stay in Japan. Because the new houses have the latest of housing equipment in Japan is prepared with such a stylish bus unit, full electric kitchen system and full automatic robot toilet.
In addition, newly built house is not only room interior is very modern, but also the used floor and wall is specialty materials produced by Japanese architect technology. Therefore, these facilities, makes it extremely comfortable living.

To start two new services from December 2017.
I will pick you up at the limo. It is 5 minutes on foot, but if you call us it will pick you up. Please call to us the information center at Kanazawa station. After 8 o'clock, there is a public phone 5 meters ahead on the left side that left the West Exit. Please wait at the traffic circle outside of west exit "number 20" of Kanazawa station.
Serving time from 16:00 to 20:30. Please contact us beforehand if you wish before 16 o'clock.

Free breakfast. (Continental breakfast)



Free of chargepick you up at the limo. ■Free breakfast. (Continental breakfast) ■Free Wifi ■PC ■Air-conditioned ■Common room ■Kitchen ■Shower room ■Hair dryer ■washroom ■Toilet

Rental equipment ■Face towel rental (50 yen), Bath towel rental (100 yen) ■Dry cleaning/laundry service nearby.

■Your Cooperation

No smoking in the guesthouse. Behavior annoying to other guests or neighbors is prohibited. If you damage the building, you will be charged the cost of repair. Please refrain from eating and drinking except in the common room. Please cooperate by saving energy and water.